To Amy Beaman/producer of The Beat-94.5:
I'm a filmmaker from LA in town directing a movie called, "Tornado Valley". On my way to the office every morning I've been listening to the Kid Carson show on the Beat-94.5. I heard Patricia on the Halloween show and my curiosity was piqued as she seemed very authentic and knowledgeable. I took a chance and I contacted her for a reading and I have to say that I got chills a number of times. She touched on things that were very personal and important to me. What she told me was above and beyond what I had expected and in fact, confirmed many of the questions I had about my personal and professional life.

In a field that is so wrought with deception it is so rare to find someone like Patricia. I would highly, highly recommend her and commend the show for having such an authentic spiritualist on the program.

The reading was great...the most profound part was when you mentioned the drummer in my band & the surrounding stuff (and how you picked up on our planned trip to Toronto next year with an agency there). It was pretty bang-on!
I've been recommending you whenever I get a chance...great stuff :)
All the best to you,
Lor :)

To Whom it may concern:

I met Patti on October 26th, 2009 at 6pm for a spiritual reading, however, it was unlike any reading I could have imagined. I heard about Patti from a few girls who had also gone to see her and had experienced wonderful readings as well. She is truly gifted.

My grandmother passed a few years back from cancer, and I've been missing her like crazy! Well, Patti knew specific things about my grandma and our life together, as well as her struggles. Just hearing what Patti had to say about her was so inspirational to me! She knew all about our special relationship and it was like a breath of fresh air to hear my grandma was near me in spirit.

I've also been struggling with a very important business decision, one that has been on my mind 24/7 for the past month! This was actually one of the main reasons I came to talk to Patti. Anyways, I never mentioned one word to her about it, but sure enough it came through in my reading. Patti knew exact details about my business situation....I was blown away. Thank-you so much girl!

My relationship with my fiance is GREAT, don't get me wrong.....but we have our issues 4sure!!! I'm a social butterfly who can't stay in one place to long and NEEDS to be on the move.....he is the complete opposite! We've had our struggles from the get go, from money, to his hard past, to my commitment issues, to his anger problems, etc......but we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each other to death!!!! Not only did Patti see all of these things without me sharing them with her, but she really did give me some words of wisdom and I think they will help us along the way.

I could really go on and on and on about my experience with Patricia, but the truth of the matter is, words just cannot describe my reading with this special woman. Please, if your feeling lost or confused, or you straight up just need someone to talk to, call her.

Patricia you put my worries to ease and opened my eyes to so many wonderful things! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

Andrea :)

I had the real pleasure of sharing a James Van Praagh development class and some personal time with Patricia...she is an extraordinary individual and a gifted psychic...During our time together, I was lucky enough to get a reading from this talented lady....It was right on target and delivered with finesse and compassion. Anyone who has a reading from Patricia should feel confident that they are working with a true professional..

Laurie Brainerd, San Diego, California
physical medium and healer

To Whom it May Concern:
I was very pleased with my reading with Patricia and found her to be incredibly accurate with regard to both personal and professional areas. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting guidance in their life and she will give honest answers to any question one may have. There is a certain energy about her that puts you at ease. She is the real deal!
Sincerely, Darren

I saw Patricia today November 4, 2009 for the very first time for a reading and I have to say that she was amazing. I have been looking for a real gifted psychic for a very long time. Although my friends recommended several to me, all whom I tried, I came away feeling very disappointed. However, today was different. I can honestly say that no-one compares to the talented and gifted Patricia. I have to say she is the best psychic I have ever seen. Without a doubt, she is the real deal.
Farrah, West Vancouver, BC

I met Patricia at the BC Renaissance Festival as she was the psychic there for the three day event. I arranged to have a few private readings with her at her home and so far, every one of them has been bang on! When I come to a crossroads in my life, or if I have lost a family member, I always talk to Patricia to see if the decisions that I want to make are the correct ones, and to listen to any messages that are there for me. I love her to bits and am very grateful to have her in my life :) Carla.

My name is Maria. I am a physician from Puerto Rico. I met Patricia while attending the James Van Praagh's " Ghostly Voyage Seminars". During the time, I interacted with Patricia, I found her to be a truly enlightened being whose mission is to help others. She is a noble spirit with many gifts including psychic vision, generosity, and love. She is blessed with special clairvoyant, psychic communication skills that allow her to receive clear messages and convey them without additional confusing embellishment. I treasure the time spent in her company and know that she will be able to help many other souls.

Dr. Maria S., Puerto Rico.

We met Patricia at the James Van Praagh's Ghostly Voyage Seminar that took place in September 2009 on the MS Noordam that was cruising in the Mediterranean. Patricia was kind enough to give us a reading that we recorded and have since listened to several times. We found the reading to be terrific, unlike any others that we had before. She was able to share many insights that were right on. She has a real gift and is willing to share her gift with the world.

John & Pam
Bolingbrook, Ilinois.

I have had a lot of readings with "psychics", but the energy that I felt in that room was so intense. She told me things that no one would know. When I went to that reading I was so stressed and when I left, it felt like the veil over my eyes had been lifted. The reading I got from Patricia made me realize where I had to focus my energies. Strangely after the reading gelled, instant changes in attitudes took place and the burden on my shoulders evaporated. That evening I did what Patricia advised me to do and my dreams that night were very peaceful and vivid. This woman is the real deal! I will definitely be going back in the near future and have been recommending her to anyone who will listen.
Thank-you Patricia for your kindness and for giving me clarity.


What a blessing it has been to have Patricia come into my life. I was given her name by one of girlfriends and I had so much turmoil in my life I was hoping that she would have some answers. Well I was literally blown away by what she told me about a brother that was my "spirit guide" I said I only have one brother and she said you need to talk to your Mother. When I spoke to my Mother she said that yes indeed she had a miscarriage when I was only six and told no one about this, even her husband.
For quite some time my husband has been struggling with some issues about his childhood and we never knew what they were and you can guess this has caused a lot of stress and due to that I lost my job that I had been at for over 14 years. I had watched this man fall apart in front of my eyes. Patricia had the answers and told me what had happened in his childhood.
His family would never admit what the truth was as they have been covering up the secret for over 45 years but they did give us some money and told us not to tell anyone in the family. Patricia also said there was money coming my way.
I have given Patricia's name to a lot of family and friends and they are all as impressed as I was. She is an amazing person with a great heart and is here to help people find the truth.
I consider Patricia more than a spiritual counselor but also my friend and keep in constant contact with her as she is now praying for my sister that has cancer that is not curable which she saw long before it got to the incurable stage. I sincerely believe there are no accidents in the universe and that you meet people for a reason and Patricia was there when I needed her. She knows everything.
Don't wait to see her you will be blown away. Kathy, White Rock, BC.

I met Patricia in Sept. of 09 at a James Van Praagh seminar that took place in the Mediterranean. It was there that I got a reading from her which was most impressive. I suffered a terrible loss about a year ago and Patricia was able to not only channel the spirit of my loved one but also give me relevant information that only I knew. I found her to be the most authentic I have ever had a reading from. I am very impressive with her so much so that I have been recommending her to my fellow Americans to get a telephone reading from her. They too, have reported to me how impressed they were with what she brought through for them. She has brought me great comfort and peace with the detailed information she provided.

Margarita, Connecticut.

I had a reading on November 4th, 2009 with Patricia and have to admit that I feel so much lighter mentally and emotionally because of it. The reading gave me confirmation of what I already knew. For example, she mentioned that my life was at a crossroads/transition and told me to refocus my energies on balancing my life rather than searching for what isn't there. Fortunately, I do have a full and wonderful life. However, I am now meditating again, and have enrolled in an aromatherapy course which she strongly suggested. During the reading, she saw two guardian angels beside me and many spirit guides around me that she described in great detail. I do see me coming back for another reading in January, 2010. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D.F. Langley, BC

I visited Patricia twice for readings during 2008-2009 and would recommend her to anyone who is considering seeing a psychic because I found her abilities to be phenomenal. She was right on target as she pinpointed the passing of my mother and told me things only I knew about my mother's passing. At no time did I indicate things about my life to her but was stunned when she brought up three situations that were life changing for me in the sessions. She is literally amazing and I felt very comfortable in her presence. At no time, was she negative although she did give me cautionary warnings about impending situations related to the workplace and the possibility of losing my job. This helped as I soon got another one in line to prepare for this outcome. I would recommend Patricia to anyone who is looking for a genuine reading filled with insightful information about self, friends and family.

Sincerely M.U. Maple Ridge, BC

You could say that like a lot of people I was a skeptic about psychics, and never thought that I would ever go to see one. However, my sister went to Patricia for a reading and she told her some things that got me quite curious, especially her reference to me. So I booked an appointment the very next day. I sat and was quite quiet the entire time of my reading believing not to feed the psychic with information so that they can use it to embellish the reading. Consequently, I was shocked at what Patricia had to say because she mentioned very specific things, details and circumstances that only a close friend and I knew. For example, I was about to embark on a life changing decision in my life and she knew it! She knew I was scared and nervous about this decision that I was making and she gave me the strength to realize in myself that I was making the correct decision. Although I never believed in psychics before because so many are frauds and phonies, I no longer am skeptical like most people. I would definitely recommend Patricia to anyone who wants an excellent reading. There is no doubt this woman is by far genuine. Her approach is gentle and reassuring but above all, she tells the truth.

K.K. Burnaby, BC.

To: Kid Carson, Nira Aurora, and Amy Beeman @ the Beat
I am an executive producer of film living in LA and I was referred to Patricia by a colleague. Apparently she did a reading for a major actor who was in Vancouver and heard her on The Beat. He told me about her so I booked a telephone reading with her last week. Being skeptical, I was apprehensive at first but the flow of information that came through during the reading, was not only accurate but also predictive as I just now signed with a major motion picture to work on a project that will be filmed in the exact location which is a different continent. When she told me this, I said. "Impossible" but now it has got me thinking, not to mention impressed. I would recommend this lady to anyone who is looking for direction in life and genuine guidance. She has certainly made me rethink that good psychics do exist. I am totally blown away by the information she gave me and intend to tell others about her in the film community.

S.S. Calabasas, California.

Thank you so much, once again!! I sincerely believe the reading you gave me last week has helped me gather my thoughts and has guided me on the right path to where I am going with my spiritual beliefs as well as my life's purpose. The reading was very eye-opening and has helped me look at things a lot more positively, with some form of peace I've found within myself.
Thank you again Patricia.

Sandy, Abbotsford, B.C.

To Kid Carson, Amy Beeman, and Nira Aurora: The Morning Show on the Beat 94.5.
This is to verify that I had a reading with Patricia around 6 months ago for the second time and can attest to how accurate her predictions were. She predicted things that took place in my past but also told me about events that would happen. She predicted my father's illness, which she foresaw would occur within 6 months of my last visit. Subsequent to my visit, my father was diagnosed with lymphoma. Patricia is not only accurate, she is able to tune into energies of friends, family and people who come to her for a reading. I am grateful to the Beat for inviting such an authentic psychic on their Halloween show. I urge anyone who wants any help or clarification in their life to pay her a visit. What she has to say will clearly blow you away. She is indeed gifted and after getting a reading from her, I do not intend to go to any other psychic.

Maria U., Vancouver, BC.

For anyone who is looking for clarity in their life, please contact Patricia. I was amazed that upon my arrival she was able to instantly pick up that my father had passed, was present at the reading and in fact, stated his name....something that stunned me because at no time did I disclose any information to her. She even pegged on a health scare that my daughter had when she was an infant which was definitely a near death experience. She described this event and how and why she recovered. I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone who is looking for authenticity and accuracy. I have been to several psychics but none has impressed me or come close to the information that she gave me. Since I visited her a few days ago, I have been given some piece of mind about a stressful situation in which I have just now found resolution and look forward to the predictions that she has made for me in the ensuing years.

T.S. Maple Ridge, BC

To Kid Carson, Nira and Amy@The Beat 94.5
I went to see Patricia who was on the Beat 94.5 on October 31st for a reading. I have to admit that although I am very skeptical of psychics based on past readings; this reading was very different from the rest. Not only did it turn out to be very healing, as a result, I am now able to connect with my deceased father whose presence and guidance I feel around me even today. Patricia was also able to provide some very important insights regarding my love life, family members and career but I was most impressed with her predictions. After a year of seeing her three out of four predictions have actually come true. The fourth I am awaiting because the date has not yet occurred. This lady is amazingly accurate. Not only is she incredibly kind, compassionate and understanding, I believe she is a real angel put on earth to help others find their way. I'm not the type to write testimonials but I feel very strongly about my reading. I'm very grateful to her, and would not hesitate to see her again in the future. Patricia is by far the most genuine psychic I have seen in my life. She is very gifted and truly and simply.....the best!!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is searching for a purpose in life or who may need to connect with a deceased love one.

Sincerely, Paula L. White Rock, BC

Dear Kid, Nira and Amy @ the Beat 94.5,
I have been to a few psychics in the past and been let down because many of them didn't seem genuine. I was reluctant to see Patricia because I had already seen so many psychics who really didn't seem to know what was going on and were just out to make money. When I heard her on your Show, things she said piqued my curiosity so I contacted her. The minute my reading started I was blown away. She tapped into feelings and energy that I was trying to hide for so long. She knew things about me and my life that no one has ever known, feelings that I have been trying to deal with for years. After one visit with Patricia I felt a sense of relief, clarity and best of all I felt at peace. She understood what I was going through without me explaining anything to her, and to my surprise her predications for me have come true. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs clarity and direction in their life. Thanks to her I know I am going the right direction in life.

R.M. Abbotsford, B.C.

To all the curious souls,
A friend of mine recommended Patricia as she was her first experience with a psychic and the reading was an accurate one. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the beautiful soul that is Patricia. She has a gift which she humbly utilizes to heal the world and guide anyone in their search for answers. Patricia was able to connect with my father who passed away the end of last year and she aptly described him. That was very special for me. Patricia has a lovely, grounded, respectful and caring attitude to her gift and if you can approach a reading with an open heart and mind you will glean so much more from it. Enjoy and blessings to all.

Irene, Vancouver, Canada

To A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to have a psychic reading done. I've been to a few psychics and some were good and others not so good. I was not sure where to go in Vancouver so decided to check out the Internet, thinking my chances of finding someone authentic were slim. I came across some testimonials for Patricia and decided to contact her. The fact that she had been on the Beat gave me some reassurance that she would be professional and that I could trust her.
Well, the testimonials were right. I had a really great reading and I thought Patricia was fantastic. She touched on details both personal and professional that were accurate and the reading was done with compassion. I would absolutely see her again and would recommend her to others. Thanks so much for having her on your show and giving people the chance to have / find a truly professional psychic reading.
D. Vancouver.

I immediately felt comfortable and at home in Patricia's presence.
She was able to answer many of my particular concerns without me even voicing them, and gave information in areas important to me, that I hadn't given thought to recently.
The sincerity of Patricia's reading, and the wide variety and value to me, will definitely warrant a return visit.
I encourage anyone with questions or concerns about their life, to make an appointment with Patricia. You'll come away feeling much better!
Barbara R

I saw Patricia this past weekend for a reading because I needed some direction regarding a relationship. Patricia saw me and focused the reading on the question. I was amazed at the accuracy of her reading and how she was able to pin point details that she could not have known about the person I am involved with. I also found her to be spot on in many areas of my life both personal and professional. I am a lawyer and was raised to be a skeptic. However, having met her and being witness to the content of her reading, I am convinced that this woman is authentic and highly gifted. She was dead on accurate and pulls no punches if the truth needs to be told. I would recommend her to any skeptic or anyone who is looking for an honest psychic.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave last night again. I'm very glad that you were able to allow me to be around my grandma again as I've missed her very much. I also wanted to say that it was very odd that law school was brought up, as many of the things we discussed have been my biggest worries lately and I'm glad to say I don't want fear to hold me back any more. thank you again and again, you've made me feel a lot better about the future!

Patricia I would like to thank you for the reading service you have performed and I would like to update you that one of the things you told me came true, I thought that I was going to have to repeat one of my class because I was for sure that I will end up with a C- in the class, I prayed fervently that, by some miracle, I get the C I desperately need and what you told me came true. Thank you for giving me such an honest reading.

Dear Patricia: I want to say a big thank you for your generosity and time yesterday. It feels like a big burden have lifted offs my shoulder and I feel lighter. You’re a true gifted soul and I will ever be thankful for meeting you.
Have a blessed new year.

Dearest Patricia,
My reading with you last week has made a profound difference in my thinking and how i view my life.
Thank you so much!! DC

Hi Patricia:
I came to see you for a reading yesterday at 4:00pm. I just felt like I needed to write you to let you know how pleased I was with my reading. I am seen other psychic's in the past but have never been happy with the readings, I have to say this is the first time I have been impressed. I am still blown away by the accuracy of your reading. I will definitely recommend you to others. I know and will also come to see you again soon. Bellow is an email that you sent last year when I first contacted you. In the email you stated, "I feel that you will be pleased with what I have to tell you in the reading?" I definitely am. Thank you so much for the reading. I plan to tell others at work about you.
KC Vancouver

It was wonderful meeting with you yesterday. I just want to thank you for making sense of what is happening to me at this time in my life. Your reading was 100% spot on even the Thomas connection, I found out that my 4th Great Grandfather's name was Thomas. I truly am at peace with the changes that are taking place in my life at this time. I have referred you to a few of my friends, and hope to see you again in the future.

I have been feeling lost in my life and had been looking at every book, website, person and place for guidance, ending up with more questions than answers. I had never sought a psychic medium before but I had happened upon Patricia's website...its simplicity and unpretentiousness impressed me, as these qualities always tell me that someone is authentic and doing something for the right reasons. I was intrigued that she had been brought up Catholic as I had been as well. Patricia picked up my concerns immediately, without me having to say a word. She told me remarkable and reassuring messages about my future that had come from some beloved members of my family who have passed. I feel much better now. The session was both fascinating and wonderful. I thank the universe for introducing me to her and this source of healing. I think anyone searching like I have been should meet with her - her gifts are what we need in confusing times as these. Thanks a million!!
JC, Vancouver

Patricia: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you today and that I thoroughly appreciated my reading by you. It brought a lot to my attention and clarity to my life. I felt elevated when I left your place and I haven't stopped beaming since. I truly felt my father’s presence today which put me at ease with his passing. So thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

I met Patricia while I was going through a gut wrenching crisis at a time that I could not make any sense of WHAT was happening and WHY! Although my reading was mostly focused on the future forecast as a result of the situation that had placed me in this crisis (and only time will reveal what is to come), I was blown away by some of the details she was able to elaborate on. There is just no way that anyone would know such intimate details without having a gift such as Patricia's. I was very emotional and distressed for many days before meeting her. However, my reading gave me peace of mind, an enormous boost of strength, courage, faith and hope to carry on. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs direction in their lives.

I just wanted to say thanks again for joining our party of girls for readings on Saturday. I can't speak for the group (which the majority were touched with their readings) but I can say I was very pleased with my reading.
I have never seen a psychic before so I didn't really know what to ask or how to go about the process and you were comforting and engaging. Our readings were short with such a large group but I feel like the topics you touched on were very important in my current life.
Thanks again and I look forward to a future get together.
A. Maple Ridge, BC

Thanks Patricia for a great reading! Sometimes the truth hurts and isn't exactly what we want to hear - but we have to deal with it. You picked up on amazing things that of course only I would know. You pleasantly surprised me with what you knew. It was not vague or general - you knew exactly what you were saying - obviously your psychic abilities are the real thing! Thank you again. I will stay in touch.
E.V.WhiteRock, BC

I have had 4 or 5 readings by Patricia and everyone has been amazing. She gives so much detail and tells you things about your life that are amazing. She has a true gift, she knows names and can describe people that have passed in so much detail.
I just had a psychic party yesterday and she did 7 readings and everyone was blown away.
Patricia is not only my favourite psychic she has become a dear friend of mine.
If you are going through a tough time and need some guidance call Patti and you will get the guidance that you need.
Langley BC

Patricia: I wanted to take the time out and thank you so much for the last minute reading you did for me a few weeks back. I greatly appreciate you accommodating my schedule. I have recommended you to everyone and anyone that I have spoken to since I met with you. What you told me has made me look at things a lot differently.
RM, Surrey, BC

Patricia: I wanted to let you know that the session was so incredible, even more so than I could have ever dreamed of. I haven't stopped talking about it since, and my family is all so happy and healed by it as well. It has already made a difference and will continue to do so. I just want to say thank you to you, for sharing the amazing gift you have, giving so much healing and hope. You are amazing, what a gift, but you are also so warm and easy to talk to and I loved the way you lead the session and the way you related ideas/stories/lessons back to you to bring it all together.
JA, Langley BC

I have spent a great deal of money on gifted readers and psychics over the years. A small few have been good. However, I had a recent reading with Patricia, and found her to amazingly accurate, especially in terms of topics she could not have known about. As a 'medium' regarding a deceased loved one, her messaging is clear and definitely made sense.. Everything she said would have been words and vocabulary that my father used, had he still been alive.. I will definitely be seeing Patricia again for further consultation, and highly recommend the same to readers of these testimonials.
C. K.

I have some good news! Today, I received a call for an interview for a part-time position!. I got the call exactly as you said I would... I'm simply amazed! Here's hoping all will go well with the interview tomorrow. I'm preparing for it as we speak and I hope I get it! Fingers crossed!!
Even better news! The interview went really well because they offered me the job on the spot! I'm hoping they'll extend it to full time like you saw in your prediction!
Also, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me hope that you saw something coming my way, job wise. I didn't think it would happen, but it did and I'm so grateful that I can come to you when I need some guidance or to know that everything's going to work out :). Thank you for sharing your gift with others! I will definitely be recommending your services to more of my friends and family as I already have.
I'll be in touch again next week and hopefully I'll have some more good news to share (ie. me meeting the man whose name begins with 'R' at the wedding next week as you predicted!)
AJ, Richmond, BC

I have know Patricia for over 10 years, for the last 7 years I have been going to see her for readings. She has always provided accurate and confirming information about my current situations and loved ones in spirit. In particular, in the last year and a half I have seen her with more regularity regarding a new relationship and various career aspirations. The information she has provided me has been detailed and accurate, including dates of communications and travel. She has given me guidance and confirmation about everything I wanted to know.

Janice C.

I see lots of psychics all the time and have seen many amazing ones at that, but none like Patricia. She picked up on things that were incredibly accurate. I was amazed when she told me that my daughter should be in TV and Film, which to this point my daughter had never expressed any interest in ever. Literally the next day my daughter came home from school and told me that her friend from school was acting in TV commercials and modeling and asked if she could do it too. The entire reading was mind-blowing and spot on! I will be a client for life!!!
SM. Abbotsford, BC

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